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ivan morote

UX / interaction / UI Designer living in Madrid

I was born in Durango (Basque Country) and like many user experience professionals, since my childhood I have been fascinated by any technological advancement and inspired seeing science fiction films where the actors interacted with computers through the use of gestures in the air or clapping.

My first contact with the user experience was in September 2008, in my second year of university in Edinburgh, where I studied a module called “Human-Computer Interaction”. This new subject was able to mix two worlds in which I was always interested namely, the why of people´s actions (psychology, sociology, anthropology …) and technology. Since that moment, computer science made sense to me. I didn´t know that the humanities and sciences could go together and I was amazed to see how in this HCI field, they merged together and fitted perfectly.

After finishing my studies of software engineering, I decided to study HCI and enrolled for a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics at UCL (University College London). It was a busy but fascinating year because I had the opportunity to meet UX learners from all over the world and to improve my knowledge of and skills in important areas such as ergonomic design, usability evaluation methods, interaction design, cognitive science and affective interaction.

In 2011 I moved to Madrid where I currently reside and until now I’ve had the pleasure of working with renowned companies such as BBVA, Liferay, Casa del Libro, Bankia, Carrefour, Telefónica, Repsol, Liferay and Mahou among others.

It is very likely that we will meet at one of the many UX and design events and I always love to meet designers or future clients and to have long talks about projects that we can collaborate on together and about everything related to UX, along with a good coffee :-)

My design process

I base my way of working on a common and successful methology: User-Centred Design.


Every project starts by conducting research on user profiles and business needs. I use techniques that allow us to obtain suitable quantitative and qualitative data that supports future design decision. 


Once data from research is proccessed and analysed, we can start thinking about the solution that best suits both your clients and your business´needs. In this step, I produce some initial concepts that form the base of the design.

Interaction / UI Design

In this phase, I wireframe the solution. This process is split into deliverables (depending on how huge the project is) that are evaluated and discussed with you. Once prototypes are accepted, I add colour to them, in other words, I start creating the user interface.

User Testing

To make sure our solution meets the users´ requirements. I conduct usability testing with participants in order to obtain their feedback. This will help us to ensure that out solution is launched with the best performance possible.

Some design solutions I was involved in as UX designer

Some companies I helped to build their solutions


Let´s talk

Do you want me to work on any of your projects or know more about me, my professional profile and work?

or you can always leave a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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